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Marketers who use videos grow their business 49% faster.


87% of video marketers are satisfied with their ROI


Increase your chances of conversions by 370%.

Tourism & Hospitality

Drones are the perfect way to capture and market your businesses uniquity. Using drones, you can showcase the lines outside your store on opening day, highlight scenic locations around your property or business to attract more people, or even feature other luxury amenities that an area has to offer to make it even more compelling to drive in traffic.


Assist your customers in envisioning what it would be like to stay at your hotel. Use drones to highlight your most attractive hotel and/or resort features, such as pools, bars, gym, and other amenities that are a sure way to get peoples interest. The more you can showcase, the more likely you are to generate sales. Demonstrate the quality and processes of installing your technology step by step, allowing for great marketing material that you can later showcase to your current and potential clients.

Drone Imagery Pricing

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Aerial imaging is taking marketing by storm and for good reason. Drones can photograph and capture perspectives that people would otherwise never be able to visualize, and this opens up a plethora of ways you can create truly compelling content which you can use to market and sell your products or services. The internet is the first place a customer looks to find what they're looking for, and the business that is able to provide them with the most information, whether it be through images or videos, is the one that takes the cake.

Use aerial imagery to market in a multitude of ways, from google listings, newsletters, e-mail marketing, websites, flyers, posters and social media ads, the applications are never ending and the returns are much higher than your average photo or video!

Melbourne Metro


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  • Call out to location
  • UP-to 1 hour drone flight
  • 5 edited images
  • Up-to 2 minute edited video

Regional Victoria


Get a quote to have writing, editing or animation added to your video!

  • Call out to location
  • UP-to 1 hour drone flight
  • 5 edited images
  • Up-to 2 minute edited video

Frequently Asked Questions

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Drone Imagery

1I need more pictures or videos in my package, can you accommodate?
Of course we can! Either chat to us in the chat bot below, or send us a message through the quote form at the bottom with your project description, and we'll send you over a quick quote addressing your requirements.
2What is your turn around time?
Our turn around time is on average a week depending on the amount of revisions or the complexity of editing required in the videos.
3What kind of weather is ideal to shoot?
We avoid flying the drone on very windy or rainy days as it can damage the drone, but other than that, it depends entirely on the type of project you have and what your preferences are.
4Do you charge for travel time?
Our pricing is flat rate, and we do not charge for travel time, breaks, or additional hours. You will only be paying what you have been quoted at the beginning of the job.
5Do I need to be present at the time?
You don't have to be present at all, and only comes down to a matter of choice. Our drone pilots are professionals at flying, photography, and videography and will ensure your requirements are met.

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