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August 17, 2022
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August 16, 2022

White Label Bath & Body

White Label Bath & Body is a B2B ecommerce store providing businesses with boutique, white label bath and body product solutions to add to their existing ranges. Businesses can purchase samples, as well as wholesale products through the website.

One of our biggest challenges creating a B2B ecommerce store was making it abundantly clear the products were not for customer purchase, while making it extremely alluring to businesses to place their orders. Some of the essential requirements for White Label Bath & Body were: 

Creating clear solutions for purchasing samples vs wholesale products 
Creating different maximum and minimum order quantities for products
Creating a simple, self explanatory UI and UX

Turning a complex system into an easy intuitive process for businesses
Easily adding in new products and ranges
Illustrating the products selling points efficiently
Upselling, cross selling, and bundling with ease
E-mail list building strategies
Increased quality of UI design

The final product

After having multiple one-on-one conversations, we were able to bring a complex idea to life by simplifying many of the processes from landing on the homepage, all the way through to placing the first order. The website provides customers with detailed step by step processes, intuitive UX, and informative suggestions for how to go from purchasing the white label products down to making it their own using branding and labelling.

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